Online Journalism training on News Writing and Reporting

Agartala, August 14, 2020: The third batch of eight days online training on “Journalism: News Writing and Reporting” was organised by the National Institute of Social Communications, Research and Training (NISCORT), NCR-Delhi from 23-31 July, 2020. Mr. Sumit Dhanraj, a Journalist and writer from Indore, was the resource person. Seven participants from various parts of India participated in the training.

The main objective of the programme was to make the participants acquaint themselves with the art of news writing and reporting. The programme was organised through ZOOM video conferencing with two technical sessions per day. Fr. Jenith Sekar (Faculty NISCORT Media College) welcomed the participants to the training programme and narrated a short profile of the resource person to begin the course.

The training programme constituted a good opportunity to foster knowledge and skills in the field of journalism during the period of lockdown. It was through the guidance of a competent, knowledgeable and friendly resource person, the participants profited a ton from the course with input on the various topics. It constituted: New journalism, news writing, reading and analyzing, composition of creative headings, reporting skills which includes 5Ws and 1H, pyramid style and inverted pyramid style, interview reporting, paragraph writing, article writing, types of communication and media, letter to the editor, fake news and sloppy journalism.

Sr. Arul Selvi from Bhopal stated, “‘News writing and reporting Course’ was very informative, practical, and inspirational. Personally, I have benefited a lot from this course. In this short period of time, I have learnt the structure of the report writing, essential concepts which I have to concentrate on while writing any kind of report. The training given through this course was really excellent and I am sure it will be helpful for my future endeavour. I found the course very valuable and worth it.”

“The course gave me confidence to write reports and prepare news. I learnt how to read and critically analyze news reports. The session was very interesting and the resource person taught us the composing styles and methodology of report writing, article writing, interview reporting and letters to the Editor. I am grateful to NISCORT and the resource person for this opportunity,” said Sr. Mercy George from Chennai.

Sr. Jiwanti Thithio from Gumla acknowledged saying, “It was my best time to begin and learn the basic necessities and methods of News writing and reporting. The different exercises during this course have turned my ways of thinking and performing my tasks into a new way. It helped me a lot to develop my reading and writing skills. The sharing of knowledge and creativities of my companions has inspired me to learn more.”

“I found this course as a very useful one because I am interested in writing project reports and small articles for our congregation’s news brief. This course gave me a way to improve my English language, vocabulary building and general knowledge about the society and media industry. During the training, I felt deep within me passion to contribute through my writing for the betterment of society,” mentioned Sr. Agnes Arulmani from Cuddalore.

Sr. Victoria Das from Dindigul added saying, “This course stimulated in me a thirst for writing the articles and moreover it gave me self-confidence to find out the facts and truths in my reports. I will try to devote myself to practice all that I have learnt during the training.” 

The closing ceremony was another significant moment of the course wherein Fr. Dr. Jose Murickan, the director of NISCORT, expressed his gratitude to Mr. Sumit Dhanraj for his valuable guidance and appreciated the participants for their commitment and enthusiasm. The grateful participants also thanked Fr. Jose Murickan, his team and Mr. Sumit Dhanraj the resource person for his valuable contribution. The participants received their e-certificate at the end of the training programme.

Sr. Merciful Nongsiej FMA, Agartala
(A participant of News Writing & Reporting Course)