Crossing borders, building connections

A group of over 35 media practitioners from 15 countries, came together for the first SIGNIS Asia TV Conference held at the Gedung Pastoral Keuskupan in Bandung, Indonesia.

The conference which opened with a spectacular cultural performance assisted by the team from SIGNIS Indonesia led by Fr. Antonius Lalu, was jointly organised by SIGNIS Asia TV Desk from May 20 to 24, spearheaded by Francis Kim of Korea, the Head of SIGNIS Asia TV Desk and the Treasurer of SIGNIS Asia, aimed to build a referral of network whilst expanding resources via the sharing of skills and know-hows in conjunction with the theme ‘TV Program in the Digital Era’.

The Founder and President of Loyola Productions, Fr. Edward Siebert from the US, in his keynote, ‘ A Jesuit’s Journey in Hollywood’, addressed, that personal transformation is not a passive process.

His enlightening lecture on Digital Media Production in the Catholic Space, reminded the delegates, that ‘God speaks to us through our imagination’ and we are to seek a ‘cinematic method of praying to God’ in answering the call to spread the good news digitally.

The first day of conference also featured a young Indonesian YouTuber, Laurent Rando, who shared the background to his uprising success and downfalls as a millennial influencer in his lecture on ‘Format and Content of YouTube Production. The bubbly personality of the talented facilitator, Bernard Factor Canaberal from the Philippines further hyped up the event days in high spirits, drawing the diverse group of delegates into participative and interactive mode.

Kisang Lee, a well-known TV personality from South Korea found the conference and workshops significant and engaging, as this is his first time being involved in a SIGNIS event. He looks forward to establishing a continuous effort to bring forth more media professionals from his country to join the pool of resources. In line with the theme, Augustine Anthuan, former Executive Producer from Mediacorp, Singapore, played a vital role in weaving his years of experience into his lecture themed #MediaforSocialGood. Anthuan encouraged the delegates on creating an entire story based on quotable quotes aiming to push boundaries by going when you must, going where you can.