SIGNIS East Timor : CPA

A Jesuit priest, Fr. Ruedi Hofmann, established Casa de Produção Audio-visual in 2002 at the time when Timorese was trying to raise-up from centuries of colonization, violence, conflicts, and under development. Ruedi Hofmann, SJ realized the importance of storytelling for nation building and peace building. He selected several young Timorese who had no previous background in audio-visual and built their capacity as cameramen, animators, editors, sound engineers, and TV personalities by providing them hands-on training in CPA and abroad.

Goals and Objectives
Goals: A Jesuit institution that promotes Gospel Values (human
dignity, love, justice) and aims to nurture and to cultivate the faith
of the people through its productions.
• Integrating the Universal Apostolic preferences of the Universal Society of Jesus in its production activities.
• A production house that produces documentaries to uphold the sanctity of life.
• A religious institution that reflects Christian values in its productions and as an institution that being a bridge that disseminates the voice of the voiceless.
• CPA helps the Church and the Jesuits in East Timor to execute its teachings and missions visually by producing videos on Catholic Teachings.


  1. Casa de Produção Audio-visual as a religious institution that produces documentaries that value the dignity of human person by bringing into public sphere the voices of the poor.
  2. To contribute to change the situation in Timor-Leste so that marginalized groups such as youth and woman can participate in development and political processes.
  3. Transforming Casa de Produção Audiovisual into an institution that reflects Jesuit identity where through its production it can serve the faith of the people of Timor-Leste by producing religious videos and documentaries.

A Timor-Leste society that is grounded in the Gospel values (peace, love, justice) where human dignity is valued (everyone is respected strengthened to reach his/her full potentia), and where the freedom of expression is encouraged (free to express his/her mind)

Casa de Produção Audio-visual strives to be the voice for the voiceless in order to be a bridge for those who are deprived of information and to be a platform for the youth and the marginalized to participate and to have equal chances in the process of nation building.