Sun. Mar 26th, 2023

About the Journalism Fellowship Programme 2021


SIGNIS Asia Journalism Desk in collaboration with LICAS News Asia is organising the SIGNIS Asia Journalism Fellowship Programme with the theme “JOURNALISM IN A FRAGMENTED WORLD”. This 7-week programme is for lay Catholic and like-minded journalists working in the secular media industry, bringing them together for a journey of discovery and learning.

The Fellowship seeks to build capacity and promote exchange among media professionals and journalists from across Asia who want to use their platform for social change. The programme will take on a virtual format managed from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and will take place over seven weeks [beginning from the week of 26 October 2021]. About 25 selected journalists from 14 countries will be participating in the programme.

Participants will need to commit to all 7 sessions per week which will take place every Tuesday from 5.30pm – 7.30pm GMT +8 / Malaysia time. The working language of the programme will be English.


  • To Promote ethical professional journalism in the new multimedia era;
  • To Build an Asian/global network for Catholic journalists (and like-minded journalists) working across various media in various regions;
  • To Strengthen solidarity among Catholic journalists (and like-minded journalists) through regular sharing of stories and information; and
  • To Support freedom of expression and the rights of journalists.


The SIGNIS Asia Journalism Fellowship Programme aims to develop the capacity of journalists and related media professionals to become effective change agents in their communities. The programme will focus on professional training, communication and media awareness, social analysis, and networking via workshops, group interactions, panel discussions, and inter-cultural exchanges. SAJP will equip participants with skills, mindsets and resources to activate and promote holistic change in their local communities.  

“Those who have a voice must speak for those who are voiceless.” – Saint Oscar Romero

Expectation from the participants 

  • Commit to one session per week, every Tuesday from 5.30pm –7.30pm (Malaysian time)
  • Attend lectures on time, ask questions, be opinionated, share experiences in breakout rooms and take the opportunity to network.
  • Encouraged to write a reflective piece on the Fellowship or produce stories focusing on a chosen social issue or write on a cross-border common issue, that will be published by their respective media companies. SIGNIS and Licas News will commit to publishing their reflection. 

Upon completion of the seven-week programme, all SIGNIS Journalism participants will be expected to write a reflective piece on the programme and are encouraged to produce stories focusing on a chosen social issue to be published by their respective media companies, and SIGNIS platforms. 


For further information, email the SA Journalism Desk at:

SIGNIS is a non-governmental organization that includes members from over 100 countries. As the “World Catholic Association for Communication”, it brings together radio, television, cinema, video, media education, internet, and new technology professionals. The administrative headquarters of SIGNIS, the General Secretariat, is in Brussels. SIGNIS has consultative status with UNESCO.