Sat. Jun 25th, 2022


SIGNIS Asia is one of the regional groupings of SIGNIS, which is a worldwide international association. SIGNIS Asia‘s main objective is to foster and coordinate communication activities in the regions of South Asia, South East Asia and East Asia; guided by communication desks in the fields of Media Education, Journalism, Radio, Television, Cinema and Digital Media.

SIGNIS is the World Catholic Association for Communication. SIGNIS was created in November 2001 from the merger between two organisations (Unda, for radio and television; and OCIC, for cinema and audiovisuals) that were both created in 1928. SIGNIS has consultative status with UNESCO, Ecosoc (United Nations in Geneva and New York), and the Council of Europe. It is officially recognised by the Vatican as a Catholic organisation for communication.

SIGNIS’ members are national associations grouped by regions of the world. There are six regions: Africa, Latin America, North America, Pacific, Asia, and Europe, as well as an International Group (composed of international organisations). In addition, individuals and institutions can become associate members.

The administrative headquarters of SIGNIS, the General Secretariat, is in Brussels. There is also an office at the Vatican, SIGNIS Services Rome, which provides technical and material support to church and secular organisations all over the world. Support SIGNIS using this link.

All the regions and the international group are represented by a Board of Directors that decide the policy of SIGNIS. The members of the Board are elected during world or regional assemblies.

In the Asia, board members are elected to represent the region and its concerns. SIGNIS is a volunteer network of Catholic communicators.

President: Fr. Joseph Anucha (Thailand)
Vice President: Dr. Magimai Pragasam (India)
Secretary: Ms. Bernedetta Widiandajani (Indonesia)
Treasurer: Mr. Francis Kim Seung-wal (Korea)
Board Members: Mr. T. Mac Machida (Japan)
Ms. Adeline James (Malaysia)

SIGNIS ASIA Screening Committee
Mr. Francisco Lio (Macau)
Fr. Lal Pushpadewa (Sri Lanka)
Ms. Bernadetta Widiandajani (Indonesia)

Cinema: Mr. T. Mac Machida
Television: Mr. Francis Kim Seung-wal
Radio: Ms. Bernadetta Widiandajani
Media Education & CommLab Asia: Dr. Magimai Pragasam
Journalism: Ms. Adeline James
Digital Media: Fr. Joseph Anucha

With the support of the Pontifical Society of the Propagation of the Faith