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SIGNIS Asia Cineliteracy Workshop Online – May 2021

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(Please register before 12 May 2021)


Notice:   CHANGES ON “SIGNIS Asia Cineliteracy Workshop Online” (CWO)  due to COVID-19  (10th May 2021). The program timing has been adjusted to accommodate the COVID-19 situation.

Week of 17th May:  “History of World Cinema and SIGNIS” Week of 24th May:  “Different Genre of Cinema” Dates TBD: “Cinema and Effects on Society Building” 

(1) Dr. Guido Convents on “History of World Cinema and SIGNIS”
Week of 17th May: 4 days not 5 days.  The duration   17th and 18th for 2 hours, 19th and 20th for 3 hours.  
Starting Time:  
12:00 PK/NE, 12:30 IN/LK, 13:00 BD, 13:30 MM, 14:00 CM/ID/TH/VT, 15:00 HK/PH/MO/MY/SG/TW, 16:00 JP/KR/TL

(2) Mr. Vikas Singh on “Different Genre of Cinema” 
24th to 28th May, 2 hours x 5 days (not 1 hour x 10 days)
Starting Time:  13:00 PK/NE, 13:30 IN/LK, 14:00 BD, 14:30 MM, 15:00 CM/ID/TH/VT, 16:00 HK/PH/MO/MY/SG/TW, 17:00 JP/KR/TL

(3) Mr. Melwyn Williams on “Cinema and Effects on Society Building”  To be postponed entirely.  We will let you know the new dates when rescheduled.

SIGNIS Asia Cinema Desk CWO Team
P.S. Registration is still open until 12 May.  

The “SIGNIS Asia Cineliteracy Workshop Online” (CWO) will be held from Monday to Friday 17-21 and 24-28 May 2021, for 3 hours/day x 10 days, for a total of 30 hours.

Let’s be filled with joy and be determined to be the media for the culture of peace in our time. SIGNIS Asia Cinema Desk (ACD) believe that cinema was, is and will be a crucial media for cultivating our human mind and heart to understand the realities of our human life. 

This Workshop will offer you and your members an excellent opportunity of learning in depth the world of cinema, its vast variety, how to appreciate good films, how to develop a critical mind, what are SIGNIS criteria, and how films could move people and society.  Through this workshop you and your members will find cinema friends for future networking.  Please come, see and find out, and encourage your members to participate!


Dr. Guido Convents
Film Historian, Secretary of the Belgian professional Film press, President of the international Afrika film festival in Leuven and Arab film festival in Brussels. He will bring you in depth into the “History of World Cinema and SIGNIS”.

Mr. Vikas Singh
Film academician, Research scholar, Filmmaker. He will explore with you on the “Different Genres of Cinema”.

Mr. Melwyn Williams
Film Director, Writer, Actor, Producer, Founder Ladakh International film Festival. He will take you to investigate “Cinema and Effects on Society Building”.


SIGNIS Asia “Cineliteracy Workshop Online” (CWO)
Date: Monday to Friday 17-21 and 24-28 May 2021
Duration: 3 hours/day x 10 days = 30 hours

12:00-15:00 Nepal/Pakistan
12:30-15:30 India/Sri Lanka
13:00-16:00 Bangladesh
13:30-16:30 Myanmar
14:00-17:00 Cambodia/Indonesia/Thailand/Vietnam
15:00-18:00 Hong Kong/Philippines/Malaysia/Singapore/Taiwan
16:00-19:00 Japan/Korea/Timor Leste

Participants: 25 years old and above, those who are interested in cinema. Maximum 40 people.

Free Registration: By 12 May 2021 (Registration Form: )

Film Watch: You may be asked to watch several films (at free and/or charging site).

Presentation Material: Presentation or briefing materials if any will be sent to each participant before, during or after the session by respective resource person for your preparation and/or further study.  

Video Archive: Those who cannot make themselves available throughout entire program need not give up the participation.  A video archive will be offered later for the participants so that you can watch the sessions you missed.

Enquiries: Further details will be sent to participants after registration. If you have any suggestions or questions, email:

SIGNIS Asia Cinema Desk CWO Team:
Fr. Stanley Kozhichira / Fr. C. R. Justy / Mr. Tsuneaki (Mac) Machida