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DIGITAL DESK – Pastoral Communication in the Digital Age

Reality, Reflections and Response

Humanity is the midst of creating and living out a new paradigm in social communication that holds tremendous ramifications for the pastoral and evangelizing mission of the Church in the present and future. The ushering in of the digital age several decades ago has brought about exponential growth in the development and application of information and communication technology (ICT) now permeating every aspect of human life.

ICT with its myriad applications has changed the way we spend our work and leisure time, the way we relate to our family, friends and complete strangers, the way we shop and engage in civic responsibilities, the way we live out our spiritual and religious life, and even the way we perceive our place in the world.

With ICT impacting so many aspects of our personal and collective lives, it is not surprising that the new milieu would present the Church with pastoral challenges that either did not exist in the past or that have taken on particular characteristics unbeknown prior to the advent of the digital age.

This booklet “Pastoral Communication in the Digital Age – Reality, Reflections and Response” explores the pastoral challenges presented by the prevalent use of ICT in contemporary society and proposes possible pastoral responses in light of the Church’s pastoral communication theology and teachings.

The booklet is divided into three main parts. The first part examines the Reality of ICT and its effect on various dimensions of society – social, economic, political and spiritual, etc. In the process, major pastoral challenges specific to ICT are identified for each dimension.

The second part presents theological Reflections to better understand ICT and its multiple implications in the light of Catholic communication theology, especially that dealing with pastoral communication.

The third part presents suggested Responses as well as general directions seeking to address pastoral concerns that have been identified in the study. It is hoped that this comprehensive inquiry by the SIGNIS Digital Desk will contribute to providing useful information for the Desk as well as other Church institutions and organizations that may wish to develop manuals, workshops and pastoral plans in order to further examine and respond to pastoral challenges arising from the contemporary digital milieu.

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Prepared by the SIGNIS Digital Desk Core Team (2017–2022)
Headed by Fr Joseph Anucha Chaiyadej, Chair of the SIGNIS Digital Desk