Sun. Mar 26th, 2023

e-book for SIGNIS World Congress 2022

New wine in a new wineskin!

An amazing e-book has been published in this digital era. SIGNIS Korea proudly presents a new format of e-book for SIGNIS World Congress 2022, which is a multimedia e-book containing various contents such as videos, 360VR, and FPV drones. This marvelous e-book was produced by Paul Kim Young-hoon, a 3D photographer and a member of SIGNIS Korea.

Special Note: there is a QR code in the form of an appendix in the middle of the book. If you click the QR code, you can go to the content and see the supplementary book in more detail. At the end, a special supplement is also included, so I would appreciate it if you could read it to the end.

Below is the link:

We hope that it would be meaningful for you to better remember SWC 2022 and prepare for the future in the area of communication. Please enjoy it.