Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Emphasizing the Importance of Human Connection in the world of AI: A Reflection

A reflection by Lorena Binisol

In this era, technology has become deeply ‘engaged’ with occupying a big portion of our everyday activities.

Although AI brings benefits such as accuracy, time-saving, and efficiency, we have somehow overlooked the fundamental aspect of being human. Many have “forgotten” the traditional ways of socializing, as seen in the early days before massive technology was available. Back then, we engaged in personal interactions, we met face-to-face, and debated based on our own intelligence and views (rather than relying on AI).

I believe it’s crucial to strike a balance between engaging with AI and maintaining our humanity.

We need to maintain a balance between our digital lives and our real-world experiences, by staying grounded in reality and nurture our relationships with others through genuine human connection.

The quote by the Pope about the ‘risks of becoming rich in technology and poor in humanity’ says it all with my reflection, stressing the importance of keeping humane at the centre of our technological advancements.

Despite technology, we are still human beings and will never become robots. Therefore, we must always emphasize the importance of human connection and the need for genuine, face-to-face interaction.

We rely on our capacity for empathy, understanding, and emotional intelligence to help in navigating the complexities of our life. We need the warmth of human touch and verbal communication to truly connect with one another on a meaningful level.

I believe that divine providence has provided us with everything we need, and everyone should have ‘enough’ provided, we are not greedy. While we often feel like we don’t have enough, especially in monetary terms, I think it’s important to recognize that abundance comes in various forms beyond just money.

We must also remember to appreciate a person’s contribution when it is due. This fundamental gesture of appreciation acknowledges the importance of feelings, as they play a part in either making or breaking an individual.

With over twenty years of experience in journalism, Lorena Binisol, a native Kadazan from Sabah, Malaysia, has written hundreds of write-ups, news articles, features and special reports. She utilises her profession to help individuals share their stories, hoping to make a positive impact on the community. Lorena is also active in charitable activities and in humanitarian work. She has published her first book titled “Vonod” (a native word meaning “Essence”), a compilation of her feature writings spanning over decades of work. She is currently working on her second book.

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