Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Enhancing Translation Capacities for Synod Asia: Call for Nominations

Deadline extended!
The deadline for submitting application is now extended to 28th of August, 2023. Please apply soon.

Orientation on Translation Application Form:

The FABC Office of Social Communication (FABC-OSC) brings to your attention a vital initiative spearheaded by FABC OSC, aimed at bolstering translation capabilities across Asia. This endeavour seeks to make the Synod process accessible to individuals in their native languages, fostering greater engagement and inclusivity. Building on the success of our translation efforts during the Continental Assembly of the Synod, we recognize the significance of empowering individuals involved in pastoral material translation.

Our vision extends to providing a comprehensive series of training and capacity-building programs. This initiative is designed to strengthen the abilities of personnel engaged in translation work, or those aspiring to contribute, within their local churches and linguistic contexts. By enhancing our translation capacities, we envision a ripple effect that will extend the benefits to communities far and wide.

In light of these goals, we are happy to announce an upcoming online workshop scheduled for the second half of September 2023. This workshop will comprise 6-8 sessions, each spanning two hours. In addition, we are planning an intensive in-house workshop in Bangkok in early 2024, catering to the needs of Asia as a whole. We are committed to covering the workshop costs and, if possible, providing travel subsidies to selected participants from specific countries.

For both the September 2023 online workshop and the 2024 in-house program, we are accommodating individuals nominated and recommended by Episcopal Conferences or groups of dioceses, such as regional clusters. Please note that we can accommodate a maximum of three individuals from a particular language group. Among the nominees, at least one should be a priest or an individual with theological expertise, or those who have engaged in or are presently involved in Bible translations. It is crucial that the nominated individuals are committed to serving their local churches’ translation needs for pastoral literature.

Prospective candidates interested in participating should complete the attached Google Form and submit it along with the endorsement from the Bishops’ Conference secretariat or the responsible Bishop/Bishops overseeing the candidate and their language.

Click this hyperlink for the Google Form

For any inquiries and clarifications contact:

Fr. George Plathottam SDB
Executive Secretary
FABC Office of Social Communication (FABC OSC)