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SIGNIS AsiaFocus

SIGNIS AsiaFocus (SAF) is an E-Newsletter which publishes communication news from around Asia. Members are kindly requested to share their news, views, articles, programmes and productions. Please send your materials to

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SIGNIS CineMag is a multi-lingual quarterly magazine published by SIGNIS with a focus on Cinema.

A new international film magazine

Today, cinema is still very present in society. SIGNIS takes into account this significant presence. This art, an expression of human creativity, is like a medium that influences cultures with values and worldviews Since 1947 the organization, called at this time OCIC, has been invited by international festivals to participate with juries (SIGNIS, Ecumenical and inter-religious) to promote quality films that artistically translate values. In its 72 years, more than 2,000 films have been awarded or mentioned and most are now considered classics. This new journal wants to mark the presence of SIGNIS in the world of the cinema but also to be an organ for its journalists-critics and media educators working in more than one hundred countries.

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SC No.4 2020


SIGNIS MediaMag is a multi-lingual quarterly magazine published by SIGNIS, an international nonprofit, non-governmental association which supports Catholic communication professionals around the world, as well as promotes discussion and debate on media that promotes peace, human rights, freedom of expression, and the environment, and which gives voice to the voiceless.

SM No.1 2022SM No.1 2021
In this issue of
we look at the
crucial role
freedom of
expression plays
for democracy,
especially as
embodied in
a free press. 
In this issue, we
present a lively
mosaic of SIGNIS
members engaged
in liberating
education, called
— communication
that sets people
SM Special Edition:
Awards 2019
SM No.1 2020
SM No.2 2020
Cinema, a guide
for hope
This special edition
of SIGNIS Media
presents the
films awarded
in 2019 by the
juries composed
of SIGNIS members.
In the digital world,
but not of it?
This issue explores
the digital
in which all media
exists today and offers
some ideas on how to
carry out our mission
in that context.
Young Talent,
New Hope
In this edition,
testimonies, reflections
and stories of young
people are highlighted
as a new hope.
International member
teams also offer their
thoughts on the
Covid19 pandemic.
SM No.3 2020SM No.4 2020
 We reflect in this
issue with special
attention to those
on the ground
trying to respond
to a historic
moment in the
life of all people
and the planet.
We are bound
together by a
common vision of
peace rooted in
the Church’s social
teaching: peace is
the fruit of justice,
and respect for
human rights.

SIGNIS Annual Reports

SIGNIS Vision – SIGNIS will be a sustainable network renowned for its member services and as the global experts in high quality and creative media content and services, with particular focus on justice and dignity. To do this, we will promote a culture of dialogue with communication professionals engaged in faith and multicultural spheres throughout the world.