Guidelines for Host Country
Choice of Country:
Representatives from at least three countries may vie for the opportunity to host the SIGNIS Asia Assembly. From the three offers the officers of Signis Asia Board will make the final decision on who will host the SIGNIS Asia Assembly.

Flights and Local Transportation in Host Country:
Countries wishing to host the SIGNIS Asia Assembly (SAA) must have regular International flights and easy access to airports and city.

Entry Visa for Delegates and Participants:
Visas to enter the country should be easily available An invitation letter by email and postal mail should be sent to the delegates/participants needing entry visa to enter the territory of the host country 3 months before the scheduled SAA Assembly. For formality sake, the invitation letter should state that the host country will pay all the expenses of the delegate/participant during his/her stay in the host country. There might be cases where the invitation letter is not substantial. In such case and additional legal documents like company registration or income tax may be required for visa application. These should be readily available as supporting documents for the delegate/participant upon request. In extreme cases when a supporting documents is needed to meet the deadline of visa application, the host country must send the document by a courier company e.g DHL, Such expenses will be born by the delegate/participant requesting the documents.

A local SAA coordinator/chairperson must be appointed by the host country, to liaise with officers of the SIGNIS Asia Board. This person must have a fair knowledge of management with an understanding of SIGNIS orientation. To provide support staff/volunteers to help the various team during the Assembly. (The teams include; Host SAA Website, Welcoming, Entertainment/Culture, Study Days, Business Day, Secretariat, Fundraising, Meals, Hotel, Documentation, Transportation, Mass, Ticketing, City/Country Tour, Local Guest Invitees, Local Media/Press Liaison, SAA publications and Marketing, Exhibition and Shows) To brief the local Bishop in charge of Social Communication and local Church authorities about the Assembly. The coordinator is be conscious of NGO’s and other religious and secular Institutions involved in Social Communication in the Country. They should be invited to participate in the Assembly as presenters, observers and guests.

To maintain a full-fledged secretariat during the entire SAA with adequate facilities such as phone, fax, projectors, photocopy, machine, SLR/video cameras, computers/printers with internet connections. The seminar center must be located in a fairly quit location, equipped for conferences with air-condition facilities. Hotel/Lodging to accommodate at least 60 participants (single and double occupancy rooms) A minimum of two LCD projectors with laptop/DVD players must be provided with an acceptable sound system for presentation and screening. A minimum of 4-5 common computers with internet access for delegates/guests to check their emails during break time. Where possible the meeting room maybe equipped with Wi-Fi for easy internet access for delegates/participants having laptops. Costs:
Must be able to provide decent board and lodging for US$30 –US$40 per day per delegates/participants. May charge a registration fee of not more than USD $50, as a subsidy for seminar kit, local transportation, visits to exposure sites and incidental expenses. Costs related to the study days (travel and honoraria for resource person/s) subject to availability of grants from SIGNIS Asia Board.

SA Assembly Duration:
The Signis Asia Assembly is usually held for 7days inclusive of arrival and departure dates. (Exceptions apply to those arriving and departing from countries with no daily/direct flight. They might arrive/depart one day early/late.)
One Day – Arrival
Two Days – Study Days
One Day – Break/CityTour
Two Days – Business Days
One Day – Departure

Screening Committee (SC): OPTIONAL
The SC is composed of two elected officers plus the SA Secretary. In addition, the Secretary General or President of SIGNIS World joins the SC. The team composed of FOUR officers usually arrive three days before the Assembly to screen project proposals for Asia Region. The Host country should prepare the accommodation of the team and a quiet room to work undisturbed during those three days. All expenses of the SC during the three days is paid by SIGNIS Asia Secretariat. The accommodation of the SIGNIS World representative is paid by Brussels.
All project requests documents (Hard Copy) submitted to the two SC members, except the original documents submitted to the SIGNIS Asia Secretary MUST be burnt or surrendered after the screening process is complete in the presence of one SC member and one SIGNIS Asia Board member.

Gratis for two SIGNIS world representatives:
As a sign of hospitality, the Host Country is requested to waive the registration fee, board and lodging expenses of two (2) official representatives from SIGNIS World; namely the President and the Secretary General. The President and the Secretary General however, pay their own air-travel expenses to join the assembly as a sign of support and solidarity to SIGNIS Asia.

Documentation: (Video/Photographs/Transcribe):
The Host country must document by video and still photographs the highlights of the proceedings of the SA Assembly. It is encourage to document from the start of the Study Days to the end of the Business Days. (5days)
The host country is to document/transcribe the proceedings/lectures of the Study Days. If a native language is used as the medium the host country is to translate to English.

The host country is expected to compile and edit the video images, participants data, study days documents, country reports, power-point presentations and any other relevant information in to one DVD and distribute to the participants after the closing of the SAA.

Publicity: (Media/Press Liaison)
In order to raise the profile of SIGNIS in the secular media. The Host Country must arrange a press conference at the opening/daily/closing of the SA Assembly. The officers of SIGNIS World/Asia must be notified at least one day in advance.
A SIGNIS Asia Assembly online registration blog/website must be created by the host and linked to the Signis Asia website. All important information about the country, airport, maps, tour, assembly program and other announcements should be posted in this separate website and updated promptly.

Eucharistic Celebrations:
A daily Eucharist celebration (morning) must be arranged whenever possible. Where possible a quite place (room) for meditation need to be set up for delegates/participants/guests.

Formalizing of Host Country:
Host Country must submit the following to the SIGNIS Asia Board/Secretary

BEFORE hosting the Assembly:
Formal letter to the SAB accepting to host in their country with the guideline set by the SAB Host chairperson to write a formal letter notifying the local Social Communications Bishop and Local Bishop with a cc to SAB Duly filled up Hosting form 2 (Only if Study Days are conducted) Please see attached

Documentation Achieve:
Host Country must submit the following to the SIGNIS Asia Board/Secretary

AFTER hosting the Assembly:
Applies only if Study Days was conducted in host country: An Audited expense sheet with original receipts and payments-to be submitted within 90 days after the Assembly. Video edited Master copy of the event of not more than 50 minutes in duration. (one NTSC and one PAL mini-DV tape and one DVD)
Still photographs of the entire Assembly, including group photograph to be saved in a CD A complete list of mailing address, email and telephone of delegates/participants/guest/observers Special Note:
SIGNIS Asia Assembly can be managed and concluded within three/four days of Business Meeting& Members sharing without Study Days.

The host country is encouraged to find sponsors, benefactors through creative ways to add to the fixed registration & board and lodging fees collected from the delegates/participants