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Train the Trainers (TOT) Workshop on Cineliteracy (Online)

Last date for submission of application: 5th June 2021.
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Greetings from the SIGNIS Asia Cinema Desk!

With great pleasure, we introduce our Second Program from SIGNIS ASIA CINEMA DESK, the ‘Train the Trainers (TOT) Workshop on Cineliteracy (Online) to be held from 14-18 June 2021.  

This workshop has been designed meticulously to enable teachers, youth animators and young leaders to conduct ‘Cineliteracy’ programs at local level in parishes, schools, and other educational institutions to help people enjoy cinema, view cinema more objectively and make use of all the good elements and content of cinema in their life.

Cineliteracy – An Introduction:

  • Cineliteracy is about understanding and appreciating cinema, the grammar of the moving image and the ability to analyze and evaluate films critically and competently.
  • Cineliteracy empowers the film viewers to be culturally literate, enables them to ‘read’ the films and moving image texts they see every day and ‘write’ their own for others to watch too.
  • If young people experience film education with consistency and progression, films can create positive and better impact in their lives. A systemic process can build confidence and articulacy in the life of young people and provide an opportunity for them to see a wide range of films, to gain a critical understanding of film and to enjoy the creative activities of film making.

Objectives of the Workshop:

  • To help participants understand the important components of Cineliteracy and the need for Cineliteracy programs for young people.
  • To equip them with training skills and tools to impart Cineliteracy programs at local level.
  • To enable them with skills to mobilize local resources to support their cine literacy activities.
  • To motivate them to be part of cineliteracy initiatives at regional, national, and global levels.

Resource persons:

Prof. Vikas Singh
Film academician, Research scholar, Filmmaker.

Prof. Jenith Sekar
Professor teaching Film Studies at National Institute of Social Communication, Research and Training (NISCORT).

Fr. Benny
Professional Film Maker and Media Trainer.

Dr. Magimai Pragasam
Professional Film Maker and Media Trainer.

Course content:

  • Evolution of Cinema
  • Film Theories
  • Techniques of Film Making
  • Film Language
  • Film Direction
  • Critical Analysis of Cinema
  • Introduction to World Cinema
  • Film Appreciation
  • Ethnographic Appreciation
  • Aesthetic Appreciation
  • Theatrical Appreciation
  • Designing Cineliteracy programs

Dates:  14th June 2021 to 18th June 2021 (5 days, 3 Hours a day)

Time:   2 PM – 5 PM (BKK Bangkok Time)

For whom: Teachers, Youth Animator and Young Leaders

Course Fee: All the expenses related to Course fee, Resource materials, Teaching materials, Assignment expenses, Course Completion Certificate will be borne by SA Cinema Desk.   

Last date for submission of application: 5th June 2021.
(Click to download Application Form)

To whom to send the application: (Fr. Joseph, Vietnam) or (Dr. Magi, India)

After the first phase, participants will be requested to conduct a short cineliteracy session on a related topic at local level, video shoot it and send it to SA Cinema Desk within two months’ time which will be used as the content for the second phase with further input on Cineliteracy and teaching skills. SA Cinema Desk will support the participants financially to do this assignment.

The Organizing Team, TOT Cineliteracy
Mr. Mac, Chair, SA Cinema Desk,
Dr. Magi,
Fr. Joseph, and
Ms. Maria,