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Mass held to pray for the success of SIGNIS World Congress 2022

[Photo 1] Archbishop Peter CHUNG(M) and members of the Catholic Communication Association

Prior to the 56th World Day of Social Communications, a Mass was held to pray for the success of the SIGNIS World Congress 2022 at Myeondong Cathedral’s Familia Chapel on May 27, which marked 80 days until the opening of the Congress.

The Mass was presided over by Archbishop Peter CHUNG Soon-taick, the Archbishop of Seoul, along with 4 diocesan priests who work in communications ministry of the Archdiocese of Seoul. The Mass was also meant to celebrate the recent integration of South Korea’s three Catholic journalists organizations – The Catholic Journalists Council of Korea, Korea Catholic journalists and Publishers Association and SIGNIS Korea – to Korea Catholic Communicators Association or SIGNIS Korea. The mass was attended by some 50 SWC organizing committee members, Catholic journalists, broadcasters, and publishing company members.

In his homily, Archbishop CHUNG introduced the communicative role of the Archdiocese of Seoul and that the Committee for Communications was established in October 2017. It is followed by Pope Francis’ pastoral advice, presented in his apostolic letter issued for the establishment of the Secretariat for Communications. The initiative launched by Cardinal Andrew YEOM Soo-jung, the Archbishop Emeritus of Seoul, aims to more effectively deliver the Church’s information and Gospel to people through cooperation among various communication channels within the Archdiocese, such as CPBC (Newspaper and Broadcasting), Catholic Publishing House, Communications Department, and Online Goodnews (Catholic web portal) of the Archdiocese of Seoul.

[Photo 2] Archbishop CHUNG delivers the homily

The prelate said, “Media is a precious gift from God, and I believe that all communicators are people who have been called by God for special purposes. I urge you to go to work with a prayerful heart so that you can find comfort and grace in the presence of the Lord. And I hope that all of you will do your best so that media can lead our society in the direction of more prosocial values.” Archbishop CHUNG concluded his homily by wishing the SWC 2022 every success.

[Photo 3] Daniel HAN Seung-soo delivers a congratulatory speech

In his congratulatory speech, Daniel HAN Seung-soo, president of the organizing committee for the Congress and a former Prime Minister of Korea, said “We have to make our best effort to receive well the foreign participants who are coming here under various difficulties. We have to show them not only Korea’s status as a digital powerhouse but the good traditions of the Korean Catholic church.

The Korean people have shown their hidden power whenever they faced a crisis. I believe that we will achieve greater achievements this time under hard circumstances.”

[Photo 4] Archbishop CHUNG and diocesan priests bless the Catholic journalists

The SIGNIS World Congress 2022 will be held from August 15 to August 19 at Sogang University in Seoul with the theme of “Peace in the Digital World.”

Key speakers will be 14 Korean and foreign experts, including Dr. Paolo Ruffini, Prefect of the Vatican’s Dicastery for Communication, and Prof. Cynthia Moe-Lobeda, Theological Ethics.

Two special programs: “World Journalist Forum” on the theme of “Peace in the Digital World,” and “International Youth Forum” on “Evangelization Strategy utilizing New Media” will also be held during the Congress.

[Photo 5] The logo and symbol of the SIGNIS World Congress 2022

Organizers of the Congress have been preparing for a hybrid conference of face-to-face meetings and virtual conferences. However, the conference system has been switched to chiefly face-to-face meetings due to much improved Covid-19 situation in recent days. Applications for individual participants will be accepted from June 1 at Although the conference system has been changed to face-to-face meetings, these meetings will be broadcast across the world live via YouTube. Meetings will also be held simultaneously in cyber space on metaverse platform that has been set up for this year’s SIGNIS Congress. On the metaverse platform will be conference rooms, SIGNIS Hall, Pilgrimage Hall for Korea’s Catholic sacred places, and Peace Hall established to help poor countries in the world. The metaverse platform will be opened in mid-July.

[Photo 6] Archbishop CHUNG(M) and executive officers of the Committee for SIGNIS World Congress 2022 Organizing Committee

SIGNIS is a Vatican-authorized organization of Catholic journalists and communicators of the world. It garners more than 100 member organizations across the world under its wing. A SIGNIS World Congress is held every four years. Cardinal Andrew YEOM Soo-jung and Archbishop Peter CHUNG Soon-taick are Joint Honorary Chairmen of the SIGNIS World Congress 2022. The organizing committee is headed by Daniel HAN Seung-soo, a former Prime Minister of Korea, and a total of 116 former and current Catholic journalists, communicators and experts are working together to successfully host the Congress.

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