Wed. Aug 10th, 2022

SAA2022 Statement ‘Listening with the Ear of the Heart’

We, the members of SIGNIS Asia (the Asian region of the World Catholic Association for Social Communication present in around 100 countries in the world), with about 134 registered participants from 15 countries at our third online assembly, have listened to a host of presentations, shared experiences and ideas, which have refined our response to the importance of listening, beyond hearing, to the true needs of those who are most affected in this time of continued uncertainty and intolerance, with the Ear of the Heart.

We acknowledge that listening to the self and to others is essential to the human condition and to bring healing. Now more than ever, we have the means to communicate across nations and the world, so too must we become truly effective in the crucial role of being compassionate and listening communicators for the poor, marginalised and those in need around us.

We affirm the need to consciously apply active listening with love, non-judgement and discernment; to listen to what is unspoken; and to have a safe space for healthy dialogue in all situations, especially in those expressed by the present Voices of Young People and Underprivileged Asian Women, to accord them the solidarity, trust and dignity they deserve.

We resolve to engage in and promote a culture of listening with genuine patience and empathy in the home, workplace, community and society; while actively and responsibly working towards personal change and the common goal of building Communities of Peace & Dialogue.

13 July 2022
Prepared by: SIGNIS ASIA Journalism Desk

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