#SIGNISProjects: Breakdown of applications received by region for 2019-2020

Brussels, May 20, 2020 (SIGNIS)

Last week, SIGNIS launched the signisprojectapplication.net online portal, successfully switching from a paper-based to a fully digital application process. Based on specific criteria, SIGNIS screens applications for projects on media training, equipment, and production for subsidy from Propagation of the Faith. In this article, we’ll look at the four regions eligible for subsidy and break down the type of applications received for each one of them.

Out of the total applications received for the year 2019-2020, 46.4% came from Asia and 43.8% from Africa. The Pacific region accounts for 5.3% of the applications, and Latin America for 4.5%.


In 2019-2020, SIGNIS received the highest number of applications from Asia. In terms of the type of applications submitted, media training was the most requested (50.8%), followed by media production (29.5%) and media equipment (19.7%). Applicants from Asia are mostly looking to develop and promote social communication skills, human development, women empowerment, and media literacy. Training requests also include networking, journalism and cinema.


Africa represents the second largest number of applications received. Media equipment was the most requested (53.4%), before media training (40.8%) and media production (5.7%). In Africa, applicants are promoting the development of communication strategies, pastoral projects, small Christian communities, and evangelization through education.


Applicants from the Pacific region requested the most support for media production (36.8%), followed by media training (36.6%) and equipment (26.3%). The projects received focus on media education, media development, awareness of violence, and catechesis.

Latin America

In Latin America, media equipment was primarily requested (71.4%), while an equal number of applications was both received for media production and media training (14.3%). In their projects, applicants emphasize evangelization through local languages and environmental awareness.

The project application portal can be accessed at signisprojectapplication.net and is available in English, French and Spanish.

Source: http://signis.net/news/also-in-the-news/20-05-2020/signisprojects-a-breakdown-of-applications-received-by-region-for-2019-2020