Wed. Sep 28th, 2022

“Song for SIGNIS World Congress 2022” Music Video Released

Press Release, May 17, 2022

The music video of “Song for SIGNIS World Congress 2022” has been released.

The children’s choir of Catholic Peace Broadcasting Company (CPBC) sang the lyrics communicating the meaning and wishes for the success of the SIGNIS World Congress (SWC), and CPBC produced the music video. The song was composed by Lee Kang-San, a popular Korean composer, and the lyrics written by a poet and a SIGNIS Korea member Kim Jae-Hong. The lyrics were translated into English by Choi Hee-Jung, the Secretary General of SWC 2022 Seoul Organizing Committee. The music video was produced and directed by CPBC’s producer Jeong Byeong-chang.

In 2020, Seoul Organizing Committee enacted the “Prayer for the Success of the SIGNIS World Congress” and received approval from the Archdiocese of Seoul and SIGNIS World. This prayer is used whenever a meeting among Seoul Organizing Committee takes place.

This music video will be distributed to SIGNIS member nations and shared on YouTube to promote SIGNIS World Congress 2022 around the globe.

This year’s Congress is expected to take place from 15 ~ 18 August at Sogang University and will be held as hybrid meeting that combines in-person meetings with video conferencing due to the effects of COVID-19. General attendees can register for the Congress from June 1 through the website (


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