Catholic Forum themed “New Normal after Covid-19” held in Korea

(SIGNIS Korea). The 20th Catholic Forum themed “New Normal after Covid-19, Korean Society and Religion” was held in Seoul, South Korea on Sept. 2, 2020. 

This forum was propelled virtually to secure the safety of attendees from the re-proliferation of Covid-19. All speakers successfully delivered their presentation while wearing masks, and no non-participants were allowed to enter the meeting hall. The keynote speaker was Prof. Peter Lee of Seoul University. 

The Graduate School of Convergence Science and Technology covered the aspect of transition in University Education in the un-tact era.

The other keynote speaker, Fr. Park, presented about the change of religious life and pastoral direction in the Catholic church. After that, a businessman, a professor, and a reporter joined the debate about the diagnosis and prescription on the fields of economy, press, and church.

This forum was aired live on YouTube and was accessible to more than 300 viewers. Everyone enthusiastically shared their comments.

Below is the video link (please use the simultaneous translation available in the YouTube configuration: 

Catholic Forum, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, has been held annually and deals with controversial issues of Korean Society. And the Practical alternatives are also suggested.

It was hosted by Catholic Journalist Council of Korea, SIGNIS Korea/Seoul, and Catholic Journalists and Publishers Association, and it was sponsored by the Seoul Archdiocese and Social Communication Committee of CBCK.

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