SIGNIS Services Rome launches third Call for Project Ideas for new media and communication centres

Rome, September 16, 2020 (SIGNIS Services Rome). From today until October 31, project ideas for the creation of new media and communication centres can be submitted for the opportunity to be supported and accompanied by SIGNIS Services Rome.

SIGNIS Services Rome (SSR) launched today the third edition of its Call For Project Ideas, which is dedicated to supporting church-related entities for the creation of new media (TV, Radio, Web) and communication centres.

The objective of the Call is to select and support a few projects each year, intending to promote a culture of peace and integral human development through the development of independent and pluralistic media or communication tools, in countries or geographical areas in need.

From its offices in Vatican City, SSR has been providing pastoral and technical support to church entities for more than 50 years to develop Catholic media and communication channels. As part of its internal development and to better serve the Church, SSR launched the “Project Development and Fundraising Department” in 2014.

Last year, ten project ideas for the launch of new media or communication centres were selected. Winning countries include the Republic of South Sudan, India, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, the Philippines, Ghana, Peru, Ethiopia and Bolivia.

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