SIGNIS Media. What have we learned?

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing the world in irrevocable ways, especially when one considers epidemiologists warn us that we may well face other waves of infectious diseases on a global scale. Neither the field of communication nor the Church are immune to the consequent disruptions, altered lifestyles and cultural shifts. Everything from pastoral care and worship to training and education have gone online, while social media plays an even larger role than it did before. Streaming of films and television grows in importance. Yet some prior, fundamental questions remain, but with greater urgency. How to opt for the poor whose marginalization has exponentially increased as economic decline accompanies the plague? How to protect our common home as environmental degradation can be linked to outbreaks of new diseases? How to combat the evil of disinformation that has only increased during these times of fear? We reflect on some of these in this issue—with special attention to those on the ground trying to respond to an historic moment in the life of all people and the planet.

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