Workshop on “Production of promotional videos for girls”

A 5-day video production workshop for smartphones was held for youth (media advocates) in Warangal, South India, organized by FMMSSS (Society of Social Service of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary) on children’s issues in India for social media.

Young people learn to make online videos in India

FMMSSS (Society for Social Service of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary) Warangal, Telangana, India, organized a five-day online workshop on “Production of promotional videos for girls” for 14 young people from June 23 to 28, 2020.

The workshop aimed to equip young people to produce short videos using mobile phones for the purpose of promoting through social media.

The video production workshop was part of the GAA (Girls Advocacy Alliance), which is committed to fighting violence against girls and young women and increasing their economic participation in developing countries. Fight against child marriage, sexual violence, trafficking in women, child labor and lack of education for girls.

A challenging program!
Truly It is truly a challenging task to train young people in the production of online videos. Thanks to the enthusiasm and confidence exhibited by the children, the workshop turned out to be successful, “said Dr. Magimai Pragasam, course director and member of SIGNIS India.

‘How to conceptualize and visualize a topic and formulate learning objectives, how to prepare a storyboard and write simple scripts, camera angles and movements, shot sizes, organization of filming, editing, presentation and evaluation’ were the topics covered during the workshop. Ms. Amrutha, a social media expert, gave a session on “Video Editing on Smartphones” using the “Inshot” software.

There were lectures with image-based power point presentations, short video projections with discussions, storyboard preparation, filming, editing and projection of individual productions along with evaluations during this eleven hour program. In between, participants spent a day for individual productions.

Participants produced eight short videos on child marriage, girls’ education, forced begging, violence against children, etc., which were selected and thoroughly evaluated. Participants received appropriate suggestions for the reissue, after which the organizers will upload their productions on social media.

“The program was productive – the workshop has inspired and taught us to produce promotional videos on girls’ difficulties. We will produce more and upload them regularly on social media from now on”, said Saif Ali Khan, one of the participants.

“We enjoyed this program. We now have a tool to effectively communicate to people about the difficulties girls face”, said Gone Supriya.

“We learned how to make short videos in a short time using easy-to-use software. We will surely use our skills”, said Ravali.

Mrs. Deepa Karuna, Project Coordinator, had organized the program very well and was present throughout the program. “Our children have spent these five days with great purpose and all the learning will go a long way in educating the general public about girls through powerful videos”, said Ms. Karuna in her closing remarks. She also asked Dr. Magimai to help her run similar programs in other districts as well.

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