Wed. Aug 10th, 2022

Korean Catholic historical videos – towards SWC2022

Two video programmes on Korean Catholic history titled “A Record of Ordinary People Doing the Extraordinary” and “Korea’s First Priest St. Andrew Kim Taegon” was produced by SIGNIS Korea.

These video programmes will also serve as promotion videos for the upcoming SIGNIS World Congress 2022 in Seoul, Korea.

UNESCO has especially included St. Andrew Kim in the list of World Eminent Personalities of the year 2021. This year is the Jubilee Year celebrating the 200th anniversary of St. Andrew Kim’s birth.

200 years ago, at a time when there was no religious freedom in Korea, there were those who testified the faith with their lives, and the lay hoped to have their own shepherd. Presented here is the story of St. Andrew Kim. Though his Mission was cut short, the sprit of martyrdom left by this saint who had relentless love for God has become a precious legacy for all Christians. The SIGNIS WORLD CONGRESS 2022 will be held in Korea where the laity brought in the faith.

The SIGNIS World Congress (2022) will be held in Seoul, Korea (August, 2022 Sogang University, Seoul, Korea) with the theme ‘Peace in the Digital World’. SIGNIS Members, Catholic Media Practitioners, Lay persons and Religious men and women are expected to attend this inspiring event, filled with media-related workshops, presentations, films, exhibitions and activities.

Contact SIGNIS for further details and on how to participate and support SWC 2022:

International Contact:
Secretary General SIGNIS
Mr. Ricardo Yanez
Rue Royale 310, 1210 Brussels, Belgium
Tel. +32 2734 9708 Fax. +32 2734 7018

Asia Contact:
Secretary, SIGNIS Asia
Ms. Bernadetta Widiandajani

Host, SIGNIS SWC2022:
Mr. Francis Seung-Wal Kim

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